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Leadership. It is one word that summarizes what a person should have. It means to be a leader. Leadership is taking on responsibilities that you shouldn’t have to and being an example for the people around you.

Management and control. These two things are what make up leadership. If you have these, you are a leader and to show leadership, you have to be a leader.

Doing your homework, brushing your teeth, setting the table, these are all examples of leadership. You are taking on a responsibility and giving it your best.

It is something that you have to be able to do. It is something that might help you in the future. Leadership.

Challenge Weeks Four and Five: Media and a Memory

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Cinderella“, that movie sums up all I did when I was younger. When I cried, when I laughed, and when I was angry, all of those times, I was watching Cinderella.

If I had not watched it, I would throw a tantrum and pound my fists on the floor until I could watch it. Watching it was like watching myself getting turned into the beautiful princess Cinderella was when the fairy godmother cast a spell on her.

I couldn’t do without it. Not watching it meant not making all of my childhood memories.

Daily Disney (Explored)
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My Favorite App

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“Come on, come on, come o-NOOOO!”, the bird has fallen down. Flappy Bird is my favorite app.

It gives you a challenge. If you make even one wrong move, well then, game over for you. I like it because when the game is too easy, you get bored and delete it but when it is challenging, it keeps you motivated to keep on playing. The game makes you want to win even though it is challenging to win. I love the challenges that Flappy Bird gives you.

It keeps you addicted to the game. A LOT! You keep trying over and over again because you want the bird to go through the two pillars, not hit them. You think that the game is really easy and then when you start to play it, it is really hard and you get frustrated. I love how Flappy Bird makes you addicted to the bird going in between the two pillars.

Overall, Flappy Bird has it all. It has got the challenge and it has got you addicted. What more do you need from a game? I love Flappy Bird it is a really good game. You should try it too.

San Marcos Outlet Mall

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The chatter from the crowds, the designer clothes, and the sales all bring me to my favorite place in Texas – The San Marcos Outlet Mall.

I love to eat there because it has the most amazingly restaurants. I get Auntie Anne’s Garlic and Parmesan pretzel and I savor each bite as the hot pretzel burns my tongue. The San Marcos restaurants really are good.

The clothes are the things I adore most of all. They have everything from Vera Bradley to Juicy Couture and more. The beautiful designs of the bags and the fashionable clothing drag me to San Marcos.

There is nothing better that I would like to do than go to the San Marcos Outlet Mall. Everything I love is there and I would give anything to go there as many times as I wanted to.

The Isolated Lair

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This is weird, like really, really, weird. I was in the middle of a performance and I suddenly get thrown down to a stream. I am soaking wet with the black, cold water that has some creature lurking behind it, hiding so that it can pounce for its prey without it knowing. I jump out of the water and take a good look around. I Had shivers going through me after I saw where I was. Imagine this: the walls eroded away, were wet with dew drops, candelabras are everywhere but none of the candles are lit, and the most suspicious was a handprint in red.

The only thing that I hear  is the slow rushing of the stream and dew drops falling to the ground in a drip drop sound. “Hello?”, I called out to no one in particular. Where am I? How did I end up here? I decided to follow the river since, well, isn’t that what they always do? I walked and walked for what seemed like forever into desolation. Ugh, I am getting tired. Wait, what is that over there? Is that a boat? I found a boat? It was brown and broken with a hole in the middle of the boat. Why does the hole have to be in the middle of the boat?! I keep on walking, all I find are sticks of wood that look like there was a mob who tried to set this place on fire. I keep walking.

I arrive to a little lair. I has broken mirrors and not one candle lit. Still there is a little window of moonlight that came through. Some one had been living here with an organ, a bed, a mannequin, and a throne? Oh why did this happen to me? I walk to the throne to see if I can actually “see” anything from the higher elevated part of the room. But, wait. There it lies, a perfectly white and polished mask propped up on the throne.

Cueva Cañuela (Strobist)
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“Allegiant” was a really good book but I didn’t like how Veronica Roth ended the book. It was all so. Good but I also wish that Veronica Roth didn’t kill the main character – Tris.

Why did she kill Tris? There was supposed to be a happy ending like every other book – but, no – instead she decides to kill the most important person in the book. In my opinion I would have at least killed the main character at the end of the book. The rest of the book had to carry on with Four/Tobias having to let her ashes into the wind while he was depressed.

I wish that Tris could have also at least forgiven her brother for what he had done before she died. After she died, her brother felt like killing himself because he was supposed to go in to the room with the death serum instead of Tris. I think Caleb felt terrible for what he had done and I felt bad for him because everyone treated him so badly – even his own sister. I guess I kind of get why Tris didn’t forgive him.

Though all of these things that I wanted to be different did not happened, this book was really good. I almost cried when Tris died but I got over it and after that, the book is really good.

How to Annoy Your Older Siblings on Road Trips

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“Can you just be quiet for ONE MINUTE?!”, “GO AWAY!”, or “I am going to KILL you if you don’t stop doing that!”, are probably all the things you will hear from your older sibling when you are done reading this. Welcome to How to Annoy Your Older Siblings on Road Trips.

Starting with number one, sit really really like really super – close to them. Try to push them against the side of the car or even try yelling/talking in their face. You don’t want your mom and dad to find out what you are doing so act like you are sleeping and keep falling towards them or a act like you are reaching for a book and elbow them in the ribs. If you follow this, you will probably get a comment like this – “GO AWAY!”.

Going on to number two, put on some music that you love on your phone and wear your earbuds. Then, start singing really loud and obnoxiously into their faces for at least 10 minutes before they crack and they say this – “I am going to KILL you if you don’t stop doing that!”.

Finally number three, if they attempt to go on a phone call or make a video then remember to start talking really loud or making really weird noises and even try a risk by taking their phone away. If this goes well( and you don’t have a black eye) you will get this last and final comment, “Can you just be quiet for ONE MINUTE?!”.

So, I hope you have learned the art of annoying your siblings on road trips. When you walk away from this you are probably going to try one of the options above. Always remember, How to Annoy Your Older Siblings on Road Trips.

Dogs are Enjoyable

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“Aww! Your first time catching a frisbee!”, Dogs are enjoyable.

They always do something naughty and it is always funny to have to get them out of trouble. When you think back to that moment: “My dog got his head stuck in a jar!”, you can laugh with your friends and family about it. They always give you something to laugh about.

Also, they are soo sweet and cuddly you can just hug them to death! You always use that tone as if you are talking to a little baby: “Who is a good girl? That’s right you are!”. When your friends come over, it is always funny seeing your dog jump on your friends head since they get hyperactive when other people come over. They are funny.

Without a doubt, dogs are the best pets someone can have and enjoy!


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Frozen is probably the best Disney movie ever! I love the humor, the tension, and the songs. Disney did a really good job with the animation too because in Let it Go – and some other parts of the movie, the snowflakes are like little dots hanging in the air like they were “frozen” there.

I loved Olaf because of his humor. In the song that he sings, he doesn’t know that he will melt in the summer so he is really happy to help bring back summer. Also, I like him at the part when the big snowman is chasing him and he calls him “marshmallow”.

I love Elsa so much. I think that she is really pretty and also I love the song she sings – “Let it Go” – because it is so catchy and also in the song, you can tell how hard that Disney worked on the animation and all.

I also loved Ana because of her humor and easy-going attitude. She is always funny even though she is almost about to get herself killed and always has a big-all-over-the-face smile.

I loved Kristoff too because of his humor and how he is addicted to his reindeer Sven. Sven was probably one of the funniest reindeers I have seen.

I hated Hans because of how he tricked Ana into liking him just so that he could get married to her for the throne.

I loved this movie overall because of pretty much everything in it. I think it is the best Disney movie they have ever made.

Snowflake (focus stacked version)
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         The stormy clouds have come together and started to snow. At first it started with a few flakes and made a crescendo to fifty flakes at a time filling up the yard with sixty inches of snow. It felt like it was raining really cold fluff that splattered the ground with snow.
         We were at school while the snow kept falling. Lockdown was more like it. Everyone cuddled in their jackets and friends. They were cuddling but they were not talking so there was nothing but an eery silence throughout the halls.
         Gazing out to see when they could go home, the students all found that the cars were buried in white fluff. There was nothing but white fluff outside. It was as if all of the school grounds were deserted with white fluff and everything inside of them.
         It was dark and cold inside. The power had gone out because of all the snow. I could feel the dead, cold breeze from outside.
         “Noo!”, someone howled into the intercom.
         Everyone stirred uncomfortably as they heard the message, clear throughout the hallways.
          The next sound that came from the intercom proved that we had heard right.
           There was a gunshot.